You want to drive an environmentally responsible car as much as the next person -- probably more than the next person because you're checking out this website.

But perhaps you're a parent and need a vehicle that can accommodate the kids, sporting equipment, and all the other things that a family needs to bring along. Perhaps you need a vehicle that can get you to Grandma's house several hundred miles away. Or perhaps you need a vehicle for your work, a pickup truck or van, which you can use to haul tools or deliveries.


Perhaps, most of all, you want to drive the kind of vehicle you like to drive. Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) give you that choice. There are a wide variety of vehicles that are being converted to run on natural gas, including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks to say nothing of the growing number of NGVs from manufacturers such as Honda, GM, and Ford. So you can drive the vehicle that suits your lifestyle or requirements, a vehicle that's cheaper to operate while it makes you feel good that you're doing your part to help the environment.

Our Hummer is a good example. Though not our usual type or size of vehicle, we chose it for this trip to illustrate that NGVs are cleaner, cheaper, and a lot more fun. Cleaner -- Our Hummer is certified to give off less emissions than a Smart Car. Cheaper -- On our trip across the country, we'll pay at least one-third less per mile than our video crew making the same trip. And a lot more fun -- Well, just ask Seamus. He's got plenty of room to stretch out as we roll along without crowding us.

NGVs let you drive the car or truck that you want to drive, while giving you the good feeling of being environmentally responsible. Go Natural Gas!

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