"I want a Natural Gas Vehicle!" That's a statement you hear increasingly these days as people learn more of the facts and benefits of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs).


Okay then, you're convinced that NGVs are good for America, that they're Cleaner, Cheaper, and a lot more fun. What can you do to help spread the word?


One of the most important things to do is to make your elected representatives aware of your interest in NGVs. Government policymakers are finally recognizing the value of  natural gas in general as an energy source vital to the future of America's energy independence, and the benefits of NGVs in particular for a greener environment. In 2009, natural gas caucuses were established for the first time in both Houses of Congress. Your senators and representatives need to know you support this effort and are paying attention to the results.


Congress can help, and you can help by telling Congress to support legislation that helps this country move away from its dependence on foreign oil. In 2011, members of Congress will be considering the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions (NAT GAS) Act. Tell your member of Congress this legislation is important to the country.


Another factor that will greatly influence the acceptance and availability of NGVs are an increased number of fueling stations. As our Hummer Tour demonstrates, there are now enough natural gas fueling stations that we can travel across the country. But more stations are needed-as many as 300 in major cities as well as suburban and rural areas-as well as the development of more technology to aid in home fueling.

Call to action
on NAT GAS Act
of 2011

Please write or email your elected local, state, and federal officials to urge their involvement in legislation to support the use of natural gas and NGVs. Go Natural Gas!

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