Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are American, Clean, Cheap and a Lot More Fun!



America has abundant resources of natural gas. That means we can be less dependent on foreign resources such as oil -- and create more jobs here at home!



Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline -- and our Hummer gives off fewer emissions than a Smart Car. 



NGVs are less expensive to run and maintain than gasoline-fueled vehicles.


And a lot more fun!

With NGVs you can choose a car or truck that fits your needs and lifestyle -- you don't have to ride in a shoebox! And, go wherever you like, even across the country!

Our natural gas powered Hummer has fewer emissions than a Smart Car!
Murry and Cindy Gerber and Seamus

"Follow us as we drive a natural gas-powered Hummer -- the supposedly 'dirtiest vehicle of them all' -- across the country to demonstrate first-hand that NGVs really are cleaner for the environment, cheaper to run and maintain, and a lot more fun!"


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